Are you ready to start catching bigger fish?
...While others are catching ZZZZ's....
Get the LDO Green LED 10" 12v-40 watt  light so you can enjoy your next night adventure catching big fish with low competition! Your premium fishing light will be there for you to draw in the big fish night after night. Now is the time to get the one secret tool that will separate you from your friends! No more sunburns and busy lakes. Just quiet times and tight lines.
Cool Evening - Big Fish - More Time Fishing
Normally $149.99 --- On Sale For A Limited Time --- $109.99 (+9.99 Shipping)
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  • Easy To Use: Everything to need to start night fishing is included
  •  Dependable: Solid construction and built to withstand the marine environment
  •  Unmatched Performance: Brighter than an outdoor flood light with LEDs to save your battery.
  •  Fast Results: It only take about 30 minutes to draw in the big fish.
  •  Ready for you: Fresh, Salt, Summer, or Winter. You provide the night well help bring in the fish
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Just pay return shipping
365 Day Warranty On Defects
Just call/email us and we will work to make it right.
Worry free experience.. Better Fishing...

Common Questions
Is this a quality light? 
We guarantee it with our warranty! This will not leak, they will take abuse, they will work day in and day out! Sure you can go cheap and complain later or start day one with quality.
Will this work for me?
People fishing from land, boat, bridges, lakes, rivers, ocean have all caught fish using these lights. If fish are attracted to bait you can catch them!
Nope, Because of the color of the light and since this is 3' or deeper in the water the bugs are not attracted.

But my friend said...
We have heard it all but a few of the key items. 
✔️Lights are legal in almost all states. 
✔️Fish are attracted because the light brings in bait. 
✔️LEDs can run all night long on one battery. Powerful & Efficient  
How Does This All Work?
How does the led fishing light work?
 Light: The bright light starts the food chain by drawing in plankton
 Plankton: The mass of plankton draw in food for baitfish
 Baitfish: Swarm the area to feast on their favorite food source
 Game Fish: Lurk just in the shadows eating the small bait fish
 Feeding Frenzy: In 30 minutes you have created a fish frenzy
LostDuck Outdoor Light
Get LDO  Green LED Fishing Light
and start catching more and bigger fish in the cool night air.

There has never been a better time to get started night fishing with premium gear that will last...

  •  Fish Catching Workhorse:  Light brings in bait that bring in big fish.
  •  Simple To Use: Just place in the water and start fishing 
  •  Powerful: 12v  | 3.5a | 40 watts | 4500 lumens  (brightness)
  • Durable: 11" acrylic filled light | Aluminum supports
  •  Convenient: Everything in one bag. Get fishing today
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