While your friends are catching ZZZZ's.....
...Attract giant schools of trophy size fish all night long....
The fish of your dreams is one night away!!!
Now you can - with this cutting edge 6 sided - 12v - 40 watt powerhouse
Built Rugged Professional Fisherman... Simple To Use For Any Fisherman
Get LDO  Green LED Fishing Light
and start catching more and bigger fish in the cool night air.

There has never been a better time to get started night fishing with premium gear that will last...

  •  Fish Catching Workhorse:  Light brings in bait that bring in big fish.
  •  Simple To Use: Just place in the water and start fishing 
  •  Powerful: 12v  | 3.5a | 40 watts | 4500 lumens  (brightness)
  • Durable: 11" acrylic filled light | Aluminum supports
  •  Convenient: Everything in one bag. Get fishing today
Summer days are hot and full of day boaters, water skiers, swimmers... just pure frustration.
Nights are cool and quite... just pure fishing fun.
Complete Package
LostDuckOutdoor Light
  • Easy To Use: Everything to need to start night fishing is included.
  •  Dependable: Solid construction and built to withstand the marine environment.
  • Unmatched Performance: Brighter than an outdoor flood light with LEDs to save your battery.
  • Unique: 6 sided design delivers better light in water bringing in fish quicker
  •  Fast Results: It only take about 30 minutes to draw in the big fish.
Unmatched Performance
LostDuckOutdoor Light In Action
  • Green Glow: 12v - 40 watt  - 11" LED light produces over 4500 lumens of light ( a flood light puts out ~2540 lumens)
  •  Rugged: Commercial grade parts - aluminum supports - ready to take the abuse of a marine environment 
  • Quality : Test in a pressure chamber to ensure no leaks to 33 feet. 
  • Flexible: 24 feet of marine cable - car connector and alligator clips so you can setup in a way that works for you.
  •  Ready for you: Fresh, Salt, Summer, or Winter. You provide the night well help bring in the fish
Multi-Species Ready
LostDuckOutdoor Light Success
  • Overview: Set the up below your boat or dock or use the mounts on the light to install on your front for gigging.
  • Fish: Any fish that roam at night! Here is what we have caught to date....
  •  Walleye - Trout - Salmon
  •  Snook - Squid - Sea Trout
  •  Crappie - Perch - Bass
  •  Northern Pike - Stripped Bass - Blue Gill
  •  Catfish - Red Fish - Burbout
"Wow.. just wow... great night out and a bucket full of fish. We would have kept fishing but ran out of bait. The schools of crappies was insane" - Mandi P. Maine
Customer Reviews ... Don't Just Trust Me....
Customer Review From Florida
Catch Fish The Smart Way
Get LDO Fishing Light
Fish Into The Darkness
Less Fishing Pressure...
Bigger Fish...
More Time Fishing...
LostDuckOutdoor Light In Action

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Still have Questions?
Lets see if we can answer them below
Common Questions
Is this a quality light? 
We guarantee it with our warranty! This will not leak,  it was born to take abuse, work day in and day out! Sure you can go cheap and complain later or start day one with quality.
Will this work for me?
People fishing from land, boat, bridges, lakes, rivers, ocean have all caught fish using these lights. If fish are attracted to bugs you can catch them!
Nope, Because of the color of the light and since this is 3' or deeper in the water the bugs are not attracted
But my friend said...
We have heard it all but a few of the key items. Lights are legal in almost all states. ...Fish are attracted because the light brings in bait. ...Lights will drain your battery, nope these LEDs can run all night long on one battery 
Is night fishing hard? 
Not at all. You will want to make sure you have some lights so that you can see and you have your boat ready . Make sure someone know where you are going and have fun!
Do I need a boat?
Fisherman from shore, piers, docks, and river have similar success as those fishing from a boat. We bring the fish to you! All you need to do is be in a fishy area and wait a few minutes.
Does this work in the day?
Yup! In dark waters the same fish catching reaction can be started during the day. Normally we recommend you place the light deeper in the water (10' or more)
This light is bright and an energy sipper but we recommend you get a tractor size battery or larger to ensure you have the power to fish throughout the night.
How does this work?

How does the led fishing light work?
 Light: The bright light starts the food chain by drawing in plankton
 Plankton: The mass of plankton draw in food for baitfish
 Baitfish: Swarm the area to feast on their favorite food source
 Game Fish: Lurk just in the shadows eating the small bait fish
 Feeding Frenzy: In 30 minutes you have created a fish frenzy
....We can go on with questions but try it out and you will be amazed.    If it does not work for you just return it 

You have a 30 Day Trial And A 1 Year Warranty

Still have Questions?
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